Comic conventions are a blast; you get to meet artists and fans face to face, catch up with cartoonists from the region that you haven’t seen in a while- and this year- get interviewed for a podcast by Ghostbusters!  HeroesCon in Charlotte wrapped up 2 weeks ago; and I had the pleasure of meeting Doc and Chuck, hosts of the popular “Sci-Fried Eggs” podcast.  They are part of the Carolina Ghostbusters group, which travels to conventions and charity events dressed in costume along with the very cool Ecto-1 ghostbusters vehicle.(I hope I got that right!)  I was introduced to them by my friend and former co-worker Cheralyn Lambeth- a talented costume maker, writer and performer.  So here is the link to the podcast where I talk about the upcoming Hamster S.A.M. book!  Take five minutes and have a listen, and let me know what you think!