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Greetings, friends!  I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather wherever you are- Winter just does not want to go away!  I wanted to tell you about the recent book trailer I produced and have released as a promotional tool for Hamster Sam.  Most of you already know, I’m sure, that a book trailer is just like a movie trailer- it is a video that advertises the book, and does so in a (hopefully) entertaining way.  Well, I had a blast creating my trailer, because I got to wear my “TV Producer/Director” hat again.   Prior to working as an author/illustrator and teaching artist, I spent many years in television producing programs, commercials and corporate communications videos in Syracuse, NY, but have not worked in the field for quite some time.  The best part about producing this trailer was- I reconnected with a few friends I had worked with way back in those “olden days of TV”.  These talented friends helped make my trailer come to life!   The first step was having the audio recorded, and for that I called on Kevin Kritch; another producer/director I worked alongside for many years.  He has a booming narrator’s voice, and has recorded countless voiceovers for TV and video clients.  When I told him I was looking for a melodramatic, overly enthusiastic announcer-type; similar to William Conrad’s over-the-top narration in Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons (a favorite of mine) from the 60’s- he was on board, and delivered just what I wanted!  Kevin works for Scripps TV networks now, and has climbed the ladder into a role as head of operations.  (he did the smart thing and stayed in TV!)  but I think he still enjoys using his voice talents for projects like this, and so he recorded this in his  home studio in Knoxville, TN for little old Hamster Sam and me; and for that I am so thankful!

AaronEditsIn this Photo, Aaron of Design & Motion in nearby Rock Hill, SC edits the soundtrack together, combining Kevin’s voice track with the music bed and wacky sound effects.  I occasionally work for Aaron as a scriptwriter for some of his video projects.  He also recorded my voice uttering the line, “Earth dudes are weird, man!”  Aaron is a digital wizard!!!


Once Aaron had the sound ready to go, I contacted my animation buddies at Animotion, Inc. in Syracuse, NY, who put their magic touch on it; bringing it to life visually using storyboards that I had provided them.  I was blown away by how much movement they were able to create- using only still images taken from the pages of my book!  I loved what they did; it was beyond what I had imagined, and I am so happy with the way it turned out!!  Like a puzzle, there were many pieces that went together in order for the trailer to get put together.  I had a blast doing it, and so enjoyed working on a video project once again with my good friends!  I do hope you’ll take 50 seconds to watch  the trailer- and then leave a comment on youtube- or better yet- share it on your social media sites with your friends!  I’d like to get as many people watching it as possible, cuz hey- that’s what promotion is all about, right?  The website Bookkaholic does reviews of book trailers, and they recently gave it 5 stars- WOO-HOO!!!  So, again- please watch the trailer!  [secret contest: email me at dave (at) davemcdonald (dot) com and tell me what you thought of the trailer, and  where you shared it- and from all of the responses I get- I’ll randomly choose 2 lucky winners who will receive a personalized, signed copy of Hamster S.A.M. Odd-ventures in Space!]  Over and out, my friends!