“New adventures ahead!”

Change is good, right?  That’s what they say, anyway- and I’m going to go with it, because it’s happening regardless!  Soon, the place we’ve called “home” for 23 years will change.  We raised our kids here and it’s been wonderful- but soon we’ll say goodbye to Fort Mill, SC and hello to Charleston, SC, where my wife has taken a new job.  Our oldest daughter graduated from the College of Charleston, so it’s not completely unfamiliar territory.  My wife and I look forward to low country living as we face the excitement of the unknown.

Personally, I am going to use this move as an opportunity to closely examine and bring about change to “a friend of mine” who has been wandering about without a home for the past few years.  Since the release of my self-published title, “Hamster Sam: Odd-ventures in Space!”, good ‘ol Hamster Sam has been on a hiatus of sorts, as I searched for bigger and better things for him.

With the assistance of a top notch New York agent and the best kids publishing editor/coach in the world, Hamster Sam has been presented to all of the top publishing companies; but so far, his time hasn’t come. Yet.  But I digress.  Hamster Sam’s wild ride through the New York publishing world will be a topic for another day.  But right now, Hamster Sam and me will take this opportunity, this “change”, to ponder what comes next.

Hamster Sam educational school materials?  Perhaps.  A traditional publishing deal?  Maybe.  Revising the characters, setting and stories?  Probably so.  If you follow me on social media, you know that  I’m not the most social being on the planet, but it is my intent to post updates as to what I’m thinking and DOING with Hamster Sam; including sketches, ideas and notes.

The time is drawing closer to saying goodbye to a place that has provided us with so many incredible memories…and hello to the next chapter.  Cheers, my friend! Here’s to change…and to new adventures ahead!