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Website under construction, so read this fun book in the meantime!

I was introduced to “Ariol, Just a Donkey Like You and Me”, while attending a conference at Book Expo America several weeks ago. Since my website is still undergoing “changes”, I suggest you pick up this book for a few good laughs. Written by French author Emmanuel Guibert and illustrated by Marc Boutavant- it’s a charming and humorous tale of a little blue donkey, Ariol. The illustration style is quirky, which hooked me straight away. It’s great too, to see that some publishers aren’t opposed to telling stories with anthropomorphic animals. Done in graphic novel form, it is digest-sized,...

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Podcast Interview- talkin’ about the new Hamster S.A.M. book!

Comic conventions are a blast; you get to meet artists and fans face to face, catch up with cartoonists from the region that you haven’t seen in a while- and this year- get interviewed for a podcast by Ghostbusters!  HeroesCon in Charlotte wrapped up 2 weeks ago; and I had the pleasure of meeting Doc and Chuck, hosts of the popular “Sci-Fried Eggs” podcast.  They are part of the Carolina Ghostbusters group, which travels to conventions and charity events dressed in costume along with the very cool Ecto-1 ghostbusters vehicle.(I hope I got that right!)  I was introduced to...

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Book Expo America

Yeah, I know…Book Expo America was 3 weeks ago.  But I am now making a commitment to my blog, a promise to add new content each week- hopefully several times a week!  Yes, I am boarding a cruise ship named, “Write more blog posts, would ya?!!”  Wait a minute… change the analogy,  I get sea sick on cruise ships.  I’m buckling up in a 700-horsepower Sprint Cup race car en route to the finish line of the “Blog Post 500”!  Strike that; I sense more queasiness in turn 3.  How about this, as a former cub scout, I promise...

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Home (page) Remodeling project!

Welcome to the new home of Hamster Sam and me; your cartoonist and teaching artist-friend Dave McDonald!  At the moment, the site is kind of messy and unorganized, but rest assured I am rolling up my shirt sleeves in an effort to make this a fun and informative place to visit.  The first thing you may notice that is new is the Hamster Sam comic pages.  These are taken directly from the upcoming graphic novel, Hamster S.A.M.  Odd-ventures in Space!, the all-new 102 page story that will be available in September 2013!  I am really excited about this new...

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