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A big Thumbs Up!

The Bad Guys, by Aaron Blabey Scholastic 138 pages From Aussie author Aaron Blabey, The Bad Guys follows an unusual group of 4 critters on a misguided mission to do…good! Mr. Wolf is tired of always being portrayed as the “bad guy” in stories, so he summons 3 others who fall into the same category; a snake, shark and piranha, to form ‘The Good Guys Club’. At 138 pages, young readers (2nd graders) and especially struggling readers will feel good about finishing a ‘big book’, though it is an easy read; word count is low. Black and white illustrations...

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Website under construction, so read this fun book in the meantime!

I was introduced to “Ariol, Just a Donkey Like You and Me”, while attending a conference at Book Expo America several weeks ago. Since my website is still undergoing “changes”, I suggest you pick up this book for a few good laughs. Written by French author Emmanuel Guibert and illustrated by Marc Boutavant- it’s a charming and humorous tale of a little blue donkey, Ariol. The illustration style is quirky, which hooked me straight away. It’s great too, to see that some publishers aren’t opposed to telling stories with anthropomorphic animals. Done in graphic novel form, it is digest-sized,...

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