Artist in Residence & Assembly Programs

Kids Make Comics! programs:

SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES:  Using PowerPoint and a highly interactive step-by-step drawing demonstration, Dave guides students through the process of creating characters by using simple shapes.  His fun and fast-paced “30-second challenge” drawing exercise shows students that WRITING comics can be just as much fun as drawing them!  This 45-minute presentation is suitable for grades 3 through 6.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCY PROGRAM:  During this 4-day residency,  Dave will work with up to 5 classrooms per day, for 4 days in a row, in 45-minute class periods.  He guides students through a comics-making project that, once completed, can be displayed and/or assessed for a grade (rubric provided).  The comics project is defined as a full-page (9” x 12” art paper) multi-panel comic, drawn using pencil and ink pens.  Each student works independently, and is responsible for developing their own original characters, writing their own storyline, and creating their own comic.  Optionally, it is possible to plan for the comics projects to be tied into science or history/social studies curriculum.  For example, past “cross-curricular comics” projects have been tied to standards such as heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation) and history, such as early American colonies or the Revolutionary war.  Suitable for grades 4 through 6.

 What Teachers & Librarians are saying:

“Mr. McDonald was very strong in his ability to communicate with the students, very encouraging to the reluctant artists and very informative to students to follow your dreams.  I will be following this with comic strips depicting events in history covered in our Social Studies curriculum.”  Mrs. Rose, 4th grade/Boulder Bluff Elementary, SC

“It was a BLAST!  The kids were fascinated when he talked about how he got into cartooning, the process of developing your own characters and stories and the hands-on activities of getting the kids to draw their own characters in a comic format.”  Bill Corder, Children’s Librarian, IMAGINON, Charlotte, NC

“It was such a pleasure to have you with us at camp.  I was delighted with the work you did with our students.We displayed your book and the students’ work, and it was very well received.We had well over a thousand in attendance at the finale.”  Merrie Fisher, Coordinator of Gifted Programs, Berkeley County school District, SC

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