Classroom Resources: Kids Make Comics!

Welcome educators!  I am  happy to provide you with resources that will help you incorporate comics creation in your classroom.  I have several (and more to come!) instructional cartooning and making comics videos featured on the free reading and learning classroom app, EPIC!  I hope you’ll take advantage of these in your rooms; they are appropriate for grades 2-5.  In addition, you may feel free to use these PDF files as you wish in your classrooms; I just ask that if you share them with others- please credit the original source (my website address).  These resources are intended to be used for educational purposes only, and are not for commercial use.  Thank you in advance for “following the rules”.  Please feel free to contact me and let me know how your student comics project turned out, and feel free to make suggestions for future cartooning & comics resources!

Cartooning_DaveMcDonald_Egg-splorer (Handout sheet: Simple shapes make Super characters!

Hamster S.A.M. Reading_Guide (Classroom guide for Hamster S.A.M. Odd-ventures in Space!)

Hamster Sam Comic Activity Sheet