It’s always fun to return to a place that I fondly remember as being both successful and fun.  The Florence County Library is one of those places.  5 years ago, teen programming director Julie Vaught brought me in to visit several branches where I presented my cartooning and comics workshops.  This past week, my return visit began in Lake City, SC, where I understand there is no lake.  No big deal; they have trains!  They also have a connection to NASA and the space shuttle program.  Just outside of the library is Dr. Ronald McNair Memorial Park, to honor a Lake City hero.  Ronald McNair was a crew member aboard the space shuttle Challenger when it exploded shortly after takeoff; a memorable and horrible tragedy.  Next to his statue and a tastefully crafted large stone plaque is an eternal flame surrounded by water.  Definitely a “lump in the  throat” feeling to think about this great man, all of his achievements, and his sad, early departure. Lake City should be proud.  Trains.  Yes, before heading up to the main Florence branch for another teen program, Ms. Vaught and I lunched in “The Caboose”.  Technically, the food is prepared in the caboose, and you eat inside a passenger train car (pic).  As we discussed her recent trip to Chicago for the ALA convention, a train whistled by on a nearby set of tracks.  Awesome.  Day 2 had me traveling up to Chesterfield county for more cartooning… this one for kids 7-12.  Halfway through, the power went out to the entire block.  No big deal, I had just finished up my PowerPoint presentation, and we were on to drawing original characters.  Plenty of daylight spilled in through the windows, and so we marched onward using the power of imagination!  Program director Morgan Davies (pictured) was a kind host, and did a great job of advertising the program and pulling in enthusiastic guests from the far reaches of the county.  One of the great moments of doing these programs is afterwards; kids rush up to me to share their brand new creations.  They often have named their new characters, and some even begin to tell me with great detail, the story they came up with!  And that’s the whole idea.