It’s funny how I’ve lived just 4 hours away from Savannah for 18 years and have never been there.  My wife  and I just returned from visiting over a long weekend, and we enjoyed learning about Savannah’s history, and we took tons of pictures of beautiful old buildings flanked by century-old live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss.  The city looks and feels a lot like Charleston, SC; but offers more  “elbow room”.  (Our daughter attended College of Charleston, and so we know about elbow room).  Savannah’s been featured in a number of famous films.  Forrest Gump’s famous feather floated down from above the steeple of the Independent Presbyterian Church on Bull Street (pic).  The park bench scene from  the movie was also filmed there; and they used to have that bench out where  you could sit and get your picture taken on it…until a few thug-tourists ripped pieces off of it to take  home for souvenirs.  Nice.  The bench can now be safely enjoyed inside the Savannah History Museum.  The white building in the photo is the main library, where I stopped in to drop off my programming materials in the children’s department.  The librarian I spoke with (Linda B.) was very friendly, and  upon learning that I was visiting from Fort Mill, told me that she was once worked in the Fort Mill Library!  Yes, it’s a small world- but please don’t start singing that song!   We stayed out on Tybee Island, about 15 miles outside of the city, so that we could also enjoy the beach.  Waaayy too many people crammed into a small amount of space, for my liking.  But we did see the Tybee Island lighthouse (pic) and had some good eats with an ocean view, so we really couldn’t complain!   Savannah-  we will be back, and next time Hamster Sam will be with us!