I am really excited my friends!  In a few days I’ll be “lifting off” for Houston’s Space Center, where I will take part in the Space Exploration Educators Conference as a session presenter.  I will be leading a workshop for classroom teachers entitled, “Mission Cartoonist: Making Cross-Curricular Comics”, which will prepare them for instructing students on how to develop their own characters and create a comic that features the integration of state standards in science.  Can’t wait!  My session filled up within a few days of registration- so I am excited about working with an enthusiastic group.  I’ll have lesson plans & handout sheets for participants, and will even have some prize giveaways such as Hamster S.A.M. books and other goodies.  I’ll share some photos of my experience on Twitter & Instagram (@hamstersamcam)- so make sure and follow Hamster Sam and me as we blast off from mission control!!!!