It’s been too long since I’ve saddled up to the ol’ bloggin’ post, so I decided to mosey on in to update  you on all the goings-on and such.  Why, you ask, am I talking like a B-Western movie character?  Well, because I’m hip-deep in pages of re-writes for Hamster Sam’s next volume, “The California Cheese Rush!”.  Yes, It’s been a long time coming, but notes regarding the 2nd draft from my editor have yielded a final draft, and I’m ready to belly-up to the studio and DRAW, Partner!!  My editor on this book is Kristin Earhart, formerly with Scholastic and currently writing The Magic School Bus and Big Apple Barn series books.  Her expertise and guidance have been a tremendous help; I love editors!!!  In this wild west tale, Hamster Sam and his trusty sidekick, Fescue must go west  to capture a dirty, smelly bandit who threatens to steal a legendary treasure of gold beneath Cheddar Mountain Theme Park!  Can they stop him before the big Cheese Festival?  Can Hamster Sam survive the most unsanitary showdown in wild west history?  You’ll have to wait and see when the book releases in the Fall of 2015.  There is a cool bonus feature at the end of the book called “The Louise & Clark Explanation” that highlights North Carolina’s ‘leading role’ in gold rush history…you just might learn something new!  I hope to have advance copies for some of my summer appearances as well.  I’ll be presenting comics programming for youth this summer to coincide with the summer reading theme of “Every Hero Has a Story”; making library appearances in Hendersonville, NC, Myrtle Beach, Georgetown and Hilton Head in SC.  As I write this, I am preparing to travel to Columbia, SC where I will be a featured author at the SCASL conference; the South Carolina Association of School Librarians.  I look forward to meeting new faces and reconnecting with familiar ones!  As always, feel free to drop me a line and say ‘Howdy’; and I hope to see you ’round the corral, partner!!