Pictured with me is Emma, my young cartoonist friend from Harris Creek Elementary School in Raleigh, NC.  She came up to me to say hello recently at the United Arts Council of Wake County’s artist conference.  Emma is an enthusiastic student who participated in one of my Kids Make Comics! residency programs last year, but it gets better than that.  You see- Emma goes to a year-round school; a schedule that has her in class for several weeks, then out on break for a couple…year round.  It so happened that my residency at her school was scheduled during a week that she was “tracked out”, and unfortunately she would not be participating.  But Emma decided that she liked drawing and writing so much that she begged the staff to come into school to take part in my program.  Wow, that’s impressive; coming to school when you aren’t required!  I know that she had a great time during the residency, as evidenced by her focus and hard work.  Good luck this year, Emma!